ah….young love.  these two cuties are much younger than i, and although i have been married for over 6 years, their love and affection for each other inspires me.  i simply cannot wait to capture their big day in just a couple of months!

this slightly advanced version of ‘peekaboo’ is arden’s favorite game to play right now,  no less than 30 times a day.  others include hide-and-seek, chase, wrestling, skipping, ballet and dance parties from other various dance genres.  plus, there’s the running-wildly-through-every-store-we-go-to, touching and/or climbing onto every single thing in sight.  arden has truly and fully embraced this age we call 2!

such a sweet couple….so fun to photograph!!!

isn’t she just the definition of cuteness?

what do a bunch of (wild) 13-year-old boys at a (wild) bat mitzvah look like when the DJ plays a much-loved (wild) dance song?


i posted emily and adam’s wedding photos and then realized, i never posted any of their engagement pics!  here are some sweet ones from our fun november afternoon touring around the small town of dupo, illinois:

the sun was shining and a nice, crisp coolness had begun to sift through the air.  we happened upon an adorable installation of scarecrows, apparently made by schoolchildren and hung along the railroad fence.  it doesn’t get more small-town-in-autumn than that!

emily was worried there weren’t going to be any special or sentimental spots for us to shoot, since she didn’t grow up in dupo and she and adam didn’t court there.  i told her not to worry because i can find backdrops anywhere, no matter how small, old or industrial.  when we saw this crumbly, vacant building, i said, ‘look at that beautiful wood grain!’  emily realized i wasn’t kidding.  🙂   


at the end of our shoot, emily and adam agreed to get a little itchy when we discovered these glorious yellow leaves.  i mean, when both of you have perfectly golden blonde hair, how can you just walk by a blanket of leaves this brilliant?

congrats again, you two!

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