i finally made a craft for my first-born.  yep, that’s right: started it….and then finished it.  just like that.  BOO-YA!  and it was actually ready in time for her first christmas (outside of my belly, that is).  the process of making this ornament has re-inspired me to want to create all kinds of toy and decor items out of felt and scrap fabric, something i’ve been mulling over doing for quite a while now.  so the sketches are in full swing, and prototypes are to follow, which will hopefully lead to a small business venture in the near future.  if you truly have faith in my craftiness, you may place an order now for a unique 2010 ornament or stocking for your little one.  but for now, you’ll just have to trust me that it will be the cutest-darn-tootin-est ornament or stocking you’ve ever hung!