little happies

one of the highlights of the last 2 1/2 years (arden’s life) for me has got to be something that happened this week.  i was putting arden down for her nap, and she suddenly (and sternly) told me, “no, mom. stop singing.”  then she grabbed her toy microphone and proceeded to sing the entire chorus of “leaving on a jet plane” all by herself, in the sweetest tone you could imagine.  i seriously almost shed a tear!  apparently, her early childhood musical education is up to par, exactly where i wanted it to be at this age!  now i am showing her who john denver is….and mama cass….and how to safely eat a ham sandwich without choking….

(i will try to get a video of arden singing to update to this post later….but it may be tough. because while performing is one of her favorite things to do, performing for the camera  is not.)


this video has made me so ever-loving happy today!  and not just because being in a flash mob is on my bucket list!

i giggled when i saw this old navy ad today: 

it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite blogs, (a book is in the works!!!) and i couldn’t help but imagine a couple of captions: 

“here, sweetie.  your biceps have been looking a little weak these days….you hold this watermelon and let mom have a go with dad’s hand-carved guitar.  he’s still having fun rocking out with the palm frond….”

“bob and jane could tell they had a tough decision to make.  both contestants seemed worthy of replacing mom, but should they go with the fun-loving, musical genius ‘girl next door’ or the sizzling hot jewelry designer from california?”

what’s your caption?  please share!

i’ve been singing this song to arden alot lately, because she’s so interested in counting and in ladybugs….especially the dead one that’s been ‘sleeping’ on our back doorstep for the last week!  arden asked jason to sing the ‘lay-bug song’ when he put her to bed the other night, and since he didn’t know it, he said he made up one….and he said it was better than mine.  ha!  how can you get any better than this sesame street classic? 

and while we’re watching the classics, here’s another favorite of mine:

i hope all of you ladybugs have a fun and relaxing memorial day with your family!

arden is finally gaining an appreciation for sesame street and can often be heard around the house singing, ‘suuuuunny daaaaaays!’  like every kid in the world, she especially likes elmo and cookie monster.  one night after dinner, i gave her a cookie and she immediately started a thorough (and completely unprompted) impersonation of cookie monster.  i died laughing, which made arden even more proud of her dead-on performance.  i only caught the tail end of it here on film, but you get the jist!

i stumbled upon this heart-warming blog today and have to share it, since valentine’s day is coming up.  (ATTENTION HUSBANDS AND BOYFRIENDS!  V-DAY IS THIS MONDAY!!!)  lately, i have developed a time-leaching habit of checking my 3 or 4 favorite blogs each day, and then clicking on other blogs that my favorite  blogs tell me i ‘must not miss.’  before you know it, my brain is once again filled with creative ideas and crafty inspirations that i know i will never realize.  yet i dare to dream….of more spare time, of a new home to decorate, of a fantastic art studio far, far away from my computer, and so on….  sometimes i feel i can get through the mundane tasks a stay-at-home-mom-of-a-toddler faces on a daily basis if i can just get my design fill from the internet.

back to the kissssing blog, though:  be sure to click on the ‘lost + found’ link.  this was my favorite part, as it reminded me of the many times in my adult life that i have almost bought vintage photos at antique stores but then stopped myself, thinking, ‘what the H will i do with other people’s old, crusty family photos?’  well, this blogger and photographer did something with her finds…. she must not have a toddler at home.

i hope you find something this weekend to make you feel warm and fuzzy and excited in your heart, in preparation for the big day monday.  HAPPY PRE-VALENTINE’S WEEKEND TO YOU!

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