i obviously gave up on this blog a long time ago.  it was great when arden was a baby to document her first years and have a creative outlet to stay in touch with the world while i was mostly at home 24/7.  but now, life/work/school/parenting/social calendars/running 2 businesses is just too hectic to include blogging on my ‘to do’ list.  but i had to post this photo of arden at her ballet class a couple of weeks ago.  it was parent observation day, and i was probably the most nervous parent in there.  after a first failed attempt at ballet last spring, and then a hesitant re-start this fall, i was worried arden would simply freeze and sit in the corner sulking the whole time.  but to my surprise, she happily participated in every single minute, and most surprisingly, seemed to love that her cheering section (jason and me and my parents) were STARING at her from only about 15 feet away!  she even did the classic, sweet wave that kids do to their parents in the audience, and it just made me the proudest mama.  so, it looks like ballet is here to stay….for now, at least!