one of the highlights of the last 2 1/2 years (arden’s life) for me has got to be something that happened this week.  i was putting arden down for her nap, and she suddenly (and sternly) told me, “no, mom. stop singing.”  then she grabbed her toy microphone and proceeded to sing the entire chorus of “leaving on a jet plane” all by herself, in the sweetest tone you could imagine.  i seriously almost shed a tear!  apparently, her early childhood musical education is up to par, exactly where i wanted it to be at this age!  now i am showing her who john denver is….and mama cass….and how to safely eat a ham sandwich without choking….

(i will try to get a video of arden singing to update to this post later….but it may be tough. because while performing is one of her favorite things to do, performing for the camera  is not.)