wow, it’s been over a month since my last post!  i would say i’m surprised, but heck, i’m not, and i bet neither are you!  i am now officially BE-HIND on my blogging.  behind by….a yyyy….okay, i’ll say it, a YEAR.  over a year actually!  and even though i swore i wasn’t going to apologize ever again for being behind in a project which i voluntarily took on and which has no deadline, i just can’t help it today.  to my small but dear, dedicated audience:  i am truly sorry and i promise i will (try to) do better.  things have been a little hectic around here the last few months….more on that later.

now that my pitiful apology is out of the way, i must acknowledge that our 2nd-born (canine) baby, gracie, turned 5 this summer!  time….SIGH….it really does fly.  it seems like just yesterday that jason opened up a crate in the back seat of our car and i spied two little black eyes and a cocked, puggy head peeking at me, and i literally started to SOB.  (and yes, gracie had her infamous ‘confused’ look on her face even as a teeny little puglet!)  i had always told jason i wanted to be surprised with a puppy as a gift one day.  so he snuck from nashville (where we were visiting our equally-pug-obsessed friends) to murfreesboro and back in an afternoon to give me the best 1-year wedding anniversary present i could have imagined.  thanks, honey, for helping me cross that dream off my bucket list.  XOXO

and a very, very happy (belated) birthday to our snuggly little fly-catcher!