July 2011


last year, i was asked to be the photographer at jason’s cousin emily’s winter wedding in illinois.  i surprised even myself when i didn’t hesitate to accept with confidence!  i started my photography business saying i’d shoot every type of event except weddings….not because i don’t love a good wedding (i do, i do!) but because i wasn’t sure i needed to feel that kind of pressure.  i mean, what if i drop the camera in the toilet mid-way through the day? or slip and fall, only to sacrifice my own physical safety to save the camera from breaking?  (by the way, i probably would do that…after all, what’s a broken bone compared to a couple’s wedding memories?!)  looking back, i couldn’t be happier that i accepted the challenge.  the entire day was a blast from beginning to end, and now i am overflowing with about a million more ideas for future weddings!

my excitement reached a whole new level when jason, arden and i were actually able to drive to illinois, after a few pesky december snowstorms threatened for several days to hinder our trip.  (i never did tell emily and adam about my late-night, panic-stricken search online for a plane ticket just a few days before the wedding!)  but all was well, albeit really, really COLD once we arrived,  and the wedding and reception went off without a hitch….well, except for maybe a few snow-soaked high heels. 

thank you, emily and adam, for allowing me to be such a big part of your wedding day.  i know you are enjoying newlywed life, and i wish you two a long life full of happiness and laughter.  and WARMTH! 

a few of my faves from a recent engagement session, with a fun and cuddly couple!