June 2011

two of arden’s favorite people in the world are in town this week: my cousin monroe’s kids, logan and clara.  they have been so sweet and attentive to arden since she was a baby, and i can tell she feels their love when they play.  the other day when they were splashing around in the sprinkler in my parents’ backyard, and we ‘old people’ were observing some seriously silly behavior, i was reminded of these photos i took last summer.  i asked logan and clara to give me their best silly faces, and boy, did they deliver.  but look!  they really are beautiful!


i giggled when i saw this old navy ad today: 

it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite blogs, http://catalogliving.net/ (a book is in the works!!!) and i couldn’t help but imagine a couple of captions: 

“here, sweetie.  your biceps have been looking a little weak these days….you hold this watermelon and let mom have a go with dad’s hand-carved guitar.  he’s still having fun rocking out with the palm frond….”

“bob and jane could tell they had a tough decision to make.  both contestants seemed worthy of replacing mom, but should they go with the fun-loving, musical genius ‘girl next door’ or the sizzling hot jewelry designer from california?”

what’s your caption?  please share!