photographer-mom guilt finally caught up with me!  i have been happily booked for several photography sessions this spring, but each time i’d wrap a shoot, i’d think, “i really should take more well-planned portraits of arden like these.”  so during the month of april, i aimed to get some frame-worthy portraits of arden in her easter best.

round one took place on cherry road.  anyone living in memphis knows this spot in the middle of audobon park, where the cherry trees bloom beautifully for just one short week each year.  (i have many childhood memories of my sisters and i having our photo taken here around easter time.)  as much as i was determined to get ‘the’ shot, the elements were against us.  it was quite windy, the sun was setting, we were late for a family dinner and arden was in no mood to sit still and say ‘cheese.’  so i got a couple of cute action shots and called it a wrap.

round two took place during a typical walk in our neighborhood one sunny afternoon.  although this is currently one of arden’s favorite activites, she knew something was up since i put her in a frilly outfit, so she put forth her best effort NOT to smile for the camera!  but after watching other kids playing, seeing planes overhead (see picture of arden sitting on brick steps and shouting ‘plane!’) and finding fun sticks and rocks with which to explore, she couldn’t help but warm up and do some smiling.  

that’s my pretty little springtime bunny, the best walking buddy i’ve ever had.  XOXO