March 2011

arden is finally gaining an appreciation for sesame street and can often be heard around the house singing, ‘suuuuunny daaaaaays!’  like every kid in the world, she especially likes elmo and cookie monster.  one night after dinner, i gave her a cookie and she immediately started a thorough (and completely unprompted) impersonation of cookie monster.  i died laughing, which made arden even more proud of her dead-on performance.  i only caught the tail end of it here on film, but you get the jist!


i am tired of posting only ‘sneak peeks’ of my photography sessions and decided it is high time that i catch up on some full posts.  waaaaaay back in august (yikes….talk about being behind!), i had a fun session with the two little boys that live across the street from us.  the main objective of the shoot was to get newborn photos of ‘miracle baby’ noah, but i couldn’t resist sneaking in some shots of big brother, andrew, too.  these boys are so sweet, they make me yearn for a boy (or boys!) of my own one day.  now, get ready for some serious preciousness: 

big yawn!

does anything warm the heart more than brotherly love?

after a long shoot, it was nighty-night for noah.  sweet dreams, baby boy!

arden has been obsessed with mardi gras beads since she was about a year old.  and it’s not just that she loves jewelry, although that is true.  she lights up any time she sees beads of any sort now, but nothing holds her interest for a more extended period of time than some good ole mardi gras necklaces.  even the newly regular toddler tantroms may be eventually calmed by breaking out her jewelry box.  and now her love of dressing up in beads has now blossomed into a love for dressing others up. 

cheers to you all on this traditional day of debauchery and silliness from arden, her cousin ari, her friend mae and dolly!