i stumbled upon this heart-warming blog today and have to share it, since valentine’s day is coming up.  (ATTENTION HUSBANDS AND BOYFRIENDS!  V-DAY IS THIS MONDAY!!!)  lately, i have developed a time-leaching habit of checking my 3 or 4 favorite blogs each day, and then clicking on other blogs that my favorite  blogs tell me i ‘must not miss.’  before you know it, my brain is once again filled with creative ideas and crafty inspirations that i know i will never realize.  yet i dare to dream….of more spare time, of a new home to decorate, of a fantastic art studio far, far away from my computer, and so on….  sometimes i feel i can get through the mundane tasks a stay-at-home-mom-of-a-toddler faces on a daily basis if i can just get my design fill from the internet.

back to the kissssing blog, though:  be sure to click on the ‘lost + found’ link.  this was my favorite part, as it reminded me of the many times in my adult life that i have almost bought vintage photos at antique stores but then stopped myself, thinking, ‘what the H will i do with other people’s old, crusty family photos?’  well, this blogger and photographer did something with her finds…. she must not have a toddler at home.

i hope you find something this weekend to make you feel warm and fuzzy and excited in your heart, in preparation for the big day monday.  HAPPY PRE-VALENTINE’S WEEKEND TO YOU!