February 2011



i stumbled upon this heart-warming blog today and have to share it, since valentine’s day is coming up.  (ATTENTION HUSBANDS AND BOYFRIENDS!  V-DAY IS THIS MONDAY!!!)  lately, i have developed a time-leaching habit of checking my 3 or 4 favorite blogs each day, and then clicking on other blogs that my favorite  blogs tell me i ‘must not miss.’  before you know it, my brain is once again filled with creative ideas and crafty inspirations that i know i will never realize.  yet i dare to dream….of more spare time, of a new home to decorate, of a fantastic art studio far, far away from my computer, and so on….  sometimes i feel i can get through the mundane tasks a stay-at-home-mom-of-a-toddler faces on a daily basis if i can just get my design fill from the internet.

back to the kissssing blog, though:  be sure to click on the ‘lost + found’ link.  this was my favorite part, as it reminded me of the many times in my adult life that i have almost bought vintage photos at antique stores but then stopped myself, thinking, ‘what the H will i do with other people’s old, crusty family photos?’  well, this blogger and photographer did something with her finds…. she must not have a toddler at home.

i hope you find something this weekend to make you feel warm and fuzzy and excited in your heart, in preparation for the big day monday.  HAPPY PRE-VALENTINE’S WEEKEND TO YOU!

i have only completed 1/2 of leslie’s 2-part maternity shoot, and already i am overjoyed with the beautiful photos we are getting.  she and her family (and her big ole’ belly) are quite photogenic!

i recently read a short article online called, ‘9 signs you’re happier than you think’ by the editors of ‘prevention’ magazine.  one of the signs was ‘you hang out with happy people’ and it went on to say:

‘socializing with a cheerful person in your neighborhood increases the likelihood that you’ll be happy too, according to a new study.  how often you get together matters most, say the researchers: people who live within half a mile of a buoyant buddy increase their odds of being happy by 42%.’

so i say to leslie, my neighbor and friend:  THANKS!  you make me happy.


look at that tail just a-waggin’!

some people have told me that, since i am so behind on blog posts of arden and her many adventures in 2010, i should forget about catching up and start anew in twenty-one-one.  (yeah, that’s what i’m callin’ it.)  but i disagree.  although i am the world’s worst procrastinator when it comes to anything crafty, documentative or artistic, a quitter i am not!!!  so without further ado, here is a compilation of arden photos from last summer, including those that document the most memorable moments (for her scrapbook) as well as my favorites that exemplify her sugary-sweet and unfailingly happy personality from 9-12 months old. 

our little family’s mother’s day celebration (and arden’s first arcade biscuit-tasting) at one of our favorite brunch spots downtown:

a bunch of my friends and i were pregnant at the same time, and we all had girls!  here are most of ‘the girls of 2009’ at bonnie’s birthday party in june.  i was so tickled at how they eagerly ‘talked’ to one another.  one day, i hope to get them all together for a fun photo shoot! 

meeting great-uncle scott and great-aunt nym for the first time when they were passing through memphis in june:  we had an all-too-quick, scrumptious memphis-style BBQ picnic, featuring jason’s smoked ribs, before they boarded their next flight to st. louis.

during our first trip to ‘my big backyard’ at the botanic gardens in july, arden had the most fun playing with her attentive second-cousin, logan….i believe her love for logan was established that day and has only grown since!

the first time little miss sneaky discovered the stairs to our attic:  (a chair sits permanently in front of this door now.)

just hangin’ out at home with her 2 best friends:

chillin’ poolside in memphis and in atlanta (with uncle bryan), and at the collierville water park with lee:

other memorable playdates with some of her friends:  bonnie at dinner in nashville, second-cousin ari, jake, all of the fabulous cannelli girls and her neighbor down the street, grace:

and finally, arden just being arden:

next up….arden’s first birthday and party pics!