January 2011

some of arden’s favorite activities these days are dancing, spinning (“MIN!”) and making herself dizzy.  here’s a video of her gettin’ dizzy the first night she discovered just how fun it can be:


i have been in major hibernation mode lately.  all i want to do in those fragments of minutes when i’m not working or caring for the wee one (which sums up to about 45 minutes of each day) is either cook something, eat something, or lay completely still on a flat surface and just breathe in the silence for a second.  this is especially apparent if you have visited my blog lately and wondered, “is chloe alive?”  yezzir, my laziness has affected the upkeep of this here blog.  truly, i lied.  it’s not laziness.  i have just been swamped with personal and professional fun-ness non-stop for the last several months, and although it’s been a great ride, i’m ready for a slower winter compared to the fall i just spun through like the tazmanian devil. 

anyway, back to me being a slacker!  i apologize to my handful of dedicated readers, who, i know, must be on the verge of giving up on me.  i promise that i’m coming back soon, and there is lots to share in 2011, starting from way back in the summer of 2010 (yep, i am that far behind) and onward, including bundles of arden’s cuteness, several photo shoots (mamas, babies, my first wedding -woo!) and maybe even a recipe or two.  cuz , ya know, i’ve been doing all this cooking and eating.  so please stay tuned!!

p.s.  my new year’s resolution = to stop apologizing for being behind in my blogging.  it is what it is, people.  life is bus-Y.  and sometimes a girl just needs to lie down!

*photo above taken at the home of jason’s ‘grandmommy’ in snow-covered centralia, il, during our visit right before christmas.  notice the mardi gras beads, pink velvet purse and silver shoes over arden’s pajama-stockinged feet.  what a priss!