5 years ago today, i was waking up and eating breakfast at my parents house, giddy with excitement about GETTING MARRIED!!!!  5 years ago today, the sky was sunny but the temperatures a little warmer.  5 years ago today, our wrinkles were a little less deep.  our lives a little less hectic.  our hopes and dreams just beginning to become reality.  5 years ago today, i stood in a beautiful garden, surrounded by (sweaty) friends and family, and i looked into the eyes of my man and made heartfelt promises that i intend to keep until the day i die.  jason, i am so proud of all we have accomplished together.  and even though we sometimes still feel like those 2 young kids who haven’t quite figured it all out yet, i know that 1 house, 2 dogs, 1 garden, many jobs, multiple professions, awesome vacations, 1 perfectly beautiful daughter and many memories later, we really have come a long way, baby.  i love you more today than ever before.  thank you for being you….my perfect better half.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!