arden, my parents and i have been in atlanta since thursday visiting my sister and her family one last time before her baby girl arrives in november, and the 2 wee ones have been giving us all a run for our money.  between arden’s missed naps thursday and friday, my feline-allergy flare-ups and coordinating and fulfilling my promise for 2 separate maternity portrait sessions of my sister, i am wooped.  but i couldn’t wait to upload these adorable pictures of lee and arden from their jaunt to the playground this morning, which was desperately needed to cure our cabin fever from yesterday.  i will post more from our trip later…. in, like, 4 months.  hey, i’m just bein’ honest.

p.s.  arden sure misses her daddy!  we’ll be home soon, sweetie.  can you make it one more day without your girls?

grandfather and bryan took the kids to the playground right after breakfast, and when amelia and i caught up later, arden proudly showed off her climbing skills.  her budding independence is apparent now that she insists on going up and down small steps all by herself.

the photo below had such potential, as lee was willing to patiently pose with arden.  but then all of a sudden, my sweet little climber decided, ‘hey, i DO want to nap!’  photo shoot O-VAH!