OH WOW.  my friend, kim, from elementary school has been busy having her mom’s ancient video cassettes of us digitized, and she is finally sending them our way via youtube.  i watched these videos last night and laughed so hard i almost fell off the couch in tears.  WARNING:  this is about as embarrassing as it gets for me, folks!  but i’m willing to share in hopes that this will make your day like it made mine.  (and to give jason a taste of what he’s in for if arden is anything like me at age 8!)  this is some of the best living proof of how spastic i was as a child.  i only have one or two short videos of me doing my infamous ‘choreographed’ dances, so this is truly priceless. 

these are both pretty long, so i’ll tell you up front:  the 1st few minutes of the 1st video says it all.  we were having a ‘tea party’ so we all dressed in our moms’ fancy (and totally 80’s-style) dresses and heeled pumps and ate dainty candies and drank tea.  and while everyone else is being ladylike (well….as ladylike as you can possibly be while listening to the ‘grease’ soundtrack), i am blurting out random silly noises and jumping up to practice my dance moves in the middle of high tea.  someone must have slipped me some caffeine right before the party started!

then the dance moves really start flowin’.  the 2nd video starts with me performing a solo act, and it is quite the interpretive masterpiece!  (oh gosh, i really cannot believe i am sharing this!)  thanks to kim for this trip down memory lane, and thanks to madonna for the ‘true blue’ album, the best madonna album of all time.