September 2010

cue the angels….

hallelujah!  hallelujah!


a few of my initial favorites from my sister amelia’s (mena’s) maternity shoot, and a quick shoot with lee and the belly.

i was recently asked by my cousin, emily, to photograph her 20-month-old son, jackson, and i was so excited to do it.  not only did this photo shoot give me more experience photographing (and chasing!) a toddler-aged child, but it also forced emily and me to finally get together and catch up.  she moved back to memphis with her husband quite a while back, and i had been keeping tabs on them through updates from my aunt, yet i had never even met jackson.  oh, boy, is he a charmer!  i was totally smitten by his smile, his full head of chestnut hair and especially his adorable way of kicking his feet out to the side when he runs.  and he sure loves to run!  after chasing him for a couple of hours, i decided to consider the photo shoot my workout for the day, too!  i am hoping that now emily and i will be better at setting up playdates for arden and jackson….and maybe some playdates for us adults as well!

when i arrived at their midtown home early on a lovely weekend morning, i started shooting almost immediately, and got some sweet pictures of jackson playing on and around his porch in his ‘fancy’ outfit:

we then headed to a nearby community garden for some ‘nature shots’ while jackson played with his truck and ran (and ran…and ran…) up and down the walking path: 

finally, we hopped in the car and headed to downtown memphis for the ‘urban setting’ that emily requested.  south main street provided plenty of room to roam (and, of course, run!) and plenty of rustic backdrops for colorful portraits of the little man:

naptime quickly approached, and although jackson showed no signs of tiring, we adults were exhausted!  so we asked jackson if he wanted to stop by the arcade restaurant for some biscuits.  as these next photos prove, he was all about that idea!  while enjoying his snack, a trolley parked right across the street, and the engineer waved to jackson and kindly waited for me to take some fun shots before he took off again.

jackson was truly the perfect little model, and i’m sure he (and his parents) had a fabulous nap that afternoon!  i ended up with SO many of what i call ‘frame-worthy’ portraits that morning, hence this photo-heavy post.  (and this is me being selective!)  these are my very favorite close-ups of the shoot:

keep on truckin’, jackson.  see ya ’round like a donut biscuit!

arden, my parents and i have been in atlanta since thursday visiting my sister and her family one last time before her baby girl arrives in november, and the 2 wee ones have been giving us all a run for our money.  between arden’s missed naps thursday and friday, my feline-allergy flare-ups and coordinating and fulfilling my promise for 2 separate maternity portrait sessions of my sister, i am wooped.  but i couldn’t wait to upload these adorable pictures of lee and arden from their jaunt to the playground this morning, which was desperately needed to cure our cabin fever from yesterday.  i will post more from our trip later…. in, like, 4 months.  hey, i’m just bein’ honest.

p.s.  arden sure misses her daddy!  we’ll be home soon, sweetie.  can you make it one more day without your girls?

grandfather and bryan took the kids to the playground right after breakfast, and when amelia and i caught up later, arden proudly showed off her climbing skills.  her budding independence is apparent now that she insists on going up and down small steps all by herself.

the photo below had such potential, as lee was willing to patiently pose with arden.  but then all of a sudden, my sweet little climber decided, ‘hey, i DO want to nap!’  photo shoot O-VAH!

yep, i am 32 today.  SIGH.  the day has been comfortably normal, which is actually quite nice, since i’m still recovering from a wild weekend at the spring river with a bunch of good friends.  but arden and i did venture out for lunch today with jason at one of the many neighborhood mexican restaurants we love, and it was gooooood. 

and now, my wonderful husband is in the kitchen, trying to juggle cooking me a special birthday dinner and pacifying a constipated toddler who is crawling around the kitchen alternating between screaming pushing spells and snacking on soggy dog food pieces out of the water bowl.  AHHH, it’s nice to have a break….

today is my parents’ wedding anniversary.  their THIRTY-EIGHTH anniversary!!!  WOWZAHS!  i feel like jason and my 5 years is quite the accomplishment, but that’s got nothin’ on ernie and katie’s 38!  mom and dad, thanks for being a constant source of support, guidance and amusement in our lives.  your growing family loves you lots! 

*photo above taken october 1, 2005, right before our wedding in the garden at rhodes college, where my parents were married in the exact same spot 33 years before us.

i knew i was getting way, WAY behind in blogging about our fun summer and trips we’ve taken, but it took seeing al roker getting blown around the beach by hurricane earl’s heavy winds the other day to realize that it has been 4 MONTHS since we took our trip to the outer banks!  i kept telling myself that i had lots of editing to do to the OBX photos, but this level of procrastination is just ridiculous, so i’m moving on!  actually, i am saving the ‘artsy-fartsy’ photos for a separate post, because i just can’t help but cozy up with my digital software and mess with those images for several hours first….in my spare time, ya know.  but there’s just too much cuteness in these family snapshots to wait any longer to share.  so enjoy these raw, unedited, uncropped images of our time spent in the lovely city of chapel hill for elise’s graduation.

the above photos were taken in front of a lucky tree at UNC.  supposedly, if you kiss underneath this tree, you will stay together forever.  awwww….

i love this classic family portrait with all the carolina sky blue, even though arden wouldn’t cooperate.  the photo below was taken during the main graduation ceremony in the football stadium.  lee entertained himself by feeding his daddy some snacks.  (arden entertained herself by sleeping in the warmth of the student union.)

these sister photos are from a brunch at the tri delta house, where elise lived during her senior year.  i had to share the ‘fails’ as well as the good one.  nice faces, elise!

and finally, some sweet portraits of the wee ones:

soon to follow (very soon, i promise!) are photos from our first family beach trip together in years, which was also arden’s first beach trip ever.

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