a funny coincidence:  i had been planning to do this blueberries/broccoli post for a few weeks, and then yesterday my sister, amelia, posted photos of lee smashing blueberries all over his face.  (click the ‘as we grow’ link under the ‘friends and family’ category at right to see her blog.)  it seems that even though we are many miles apart, our great mother-minds still think alike!  also, it seems that no matter what your age, blueberries are just fun to smash on your face!

since we began feeding arden solid foods about 6 months ago, i have taken many (and i mean, MANY) photos of her eating, playing with or acting mesmerized by her food and grinning beautifully with food covering her entire face.  will my adorable child ever grow out of looking adorable while she eats?  she has been an awesome eater since the beginning.  and i mean, the ‘yes-dude-i-realize-how-lucky-we-are-to-have-a-kid-like-this’ kind of awesome.  she will eat a multitude of finger foods, and almost AN-Y-THING in a mashed up stew form….believe me, i have fed her some crazy combinations.  (avocado-chicken-peach-carrot stew, anyone?)  but… recently, my little angel has realized that she has a choice of whether or not to eat something.  damn you, free will!  so, i have to get a little more creative at times with my methods of food preparation.  or sometimes after a few days, i just take all the leftover things she wouldn’t eat voluntarily, mash them into a disgusting stew again, add a little baby cereal and VOILA!  she downs it like a starving tiger.

here she is getting ready to dig into all of her little finger foods.  isn’t that too cute?

arden loves all fruit.  but blueberries – actually, berries in general – are some of her favorites.  they disappear off of her tray faster than you can say, ‘your dirty diaper smells like blueberries.’  one day, her dinner included blueberries and another favorite, spaghetti noodles, and i couldn’t resist grabbing the camera….again.

important to note:  she easily slurped the FIRST spaghetti noodle we ever gave her.  it must be in her italian blood!

another note:  a lot of her clothes have dark blue stains.

now…. feeding arden broccoli and cauliflower provides us with a different situation entirely!  after months of her gobbling up any kind of stew with broccoli in it, i thought that surely she would enjoy some steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  i thought she would find the texture fun, not disturbing like most kids.  boy, was i wrong:

indicentally, i made this mistake just a few days after arden realized she can feed her yucky stuff to the dogs.  darla must be ‘detained’ now during arden’s mealtimes.

conclusion:  it IS possible for arden to still look adorable, even when she is acting rotten!