oh, how i love gutter-minded people.  but i apologize if you fit into that category:  this is not a post about my personal plastic surgery considerations.  (although, after a pregnancy and almost a year of breastfeeding, trust me, these things do cross my mind.)  i wanted to take an opportunity to show my current and future photography clients some of the digital enhancement options that i offer.  when i try to describe these to people, i usually get blank stares of confusion in return.  so, today i present to you…. these handy-dandy visual aids!

i used this lover-ly maternity photo of carrie as an example.  the original photo (shown left) is beautiful in and of itself.  however, it was taken in the shade, and there is a slight washed-out quality that could use improving.  so i tweaked it a bit to make the subject and colors really pop (shown right).  (btw, being an interior designer, i tend to use words like ‘pop’ when describing color!)  i often enhance my personal photos this way when i’m printing them for framing, as it creates a modern, crisp quality that the original photo doesn’t have.  (there i go using goofy design words like ‘crisp’ again….)

of course, there is always the option to turn your photos black-and-white (shown below left): classic and beautiful in almost any frame, in any room of your home, no matter the decor.  then, there is what i call the ‘vintage’ option (shown below right).  here, i purposely wash out the photo to give it a worn, faded quality, and then i adjust the color balance to look nice with each particular photo’s subject and setting.  (note:  i can make it look as faded and worn as you prefer!)

another service i offer, which is less artistic and more technical, is photo-correction.  check out the before (left) and after (right) examples of baby foster below.  foster had a slight case of eczema when i took her newborn photos.  and although most mothers will tell you that even her baby’s eczema is cute at 3 weeks old, it may not make the photo frame-worthy!  once i removed the spots (and a few baby-induced fingernail scratches), her face looks much softer.  and see how her skin looks less yellow and more fresh and pink?  it’s like magic!

for this next one, i took it a step further and not only fixed the spots on foster’s face, but also removed the ugly yellow hose from the background.  (it was driving me crazy!)  i also hid foster’s dad’s watch, since it took away from the beauty of her darling little face.  now, there are no distractions, and foster is the complete focus of the photograph.

so, my dear clients, don’t be afraid to buy yourself some enhancements.  they (unlike plastic surgery) are affordable – only $15 per photo – and, hey, who couldn’t use a little enhancing every now and then!?!