a few weeks ago, i had my first maternity shoot.  i am quite passionate about women capturing their prenatal beauty, especially if it’s their first pregnancy.  i, however, felt hot and bloated and uncomfortable and… well… gross last summer when i was in my third trimester.  but looking back now at snapshots of myself, i realize i didn’t look nearly as gross as i felt.  and now, i fight back tears when i think about that missed opportunity.

my big, fat (pun intended) regret was one of the main inspirations for starting my photography business.  i tell every pregnant woman i meet, whether friend or stranger, to “photograph that big, beautiful belly, sister girl!”  so i was elated when my friend and hairdresser, carrie, hired me to photograph her in all of her prenatal glory. 

carrie is one of those women whose bodies seem to stay exactly the same all over except for the perfectly round (and, in her case, tan!) basketball-like belly.  i know, GAG ME WITH A SPOON, right?  needless to say, i was not one of these women!  but carrie was gorgeous that sunny day, and was such a trooper too, as i hauled her and her husband all over downtown memphis in the sweltering 96-degree heat.  of course, we took lots of water and AC breaks, and in the end, i think it was worth the sweat and exhaustion we all felt.  i ended up with over 100 photographs that i think are frame-worthy for this fun, music-loving, smiling, good-times-seeking and all-around happy couple….

this simple brick wall was my favorite backdrop of the day.  and my favorite moment of the shoot was when i said, “bear with me…. i just really love this brick wall.  these shots are so gorgeous.”  and greg said quietly, in a paris hilton-esque tone, “that brick wall is HOT.”  greg, that sense of humor is going to come in handy when you guys have a newborn in tow!

thank you, carrie and greg, for your patience, perserverance and positive attitudes that hot sunday morning.  and best wishes to you and your soon-to-be-in-your-arms sweet baby, ellie kate, as you walk into your future together.  a wonderful adventure awaits!