arden loves – no, ADORES – her da-da.  and i do, too, but you wouldn’t know it since i am the laziest wife on earth and didn’t post a thing wishing jason a happy birthday (june 6) or a happy father’s day.  i even neglected to call my own father on father’s day, because that’s just how fried my brain has been lately…. thankfully, he quickly forgave me today, even before i unloaded upon him a pitiful series of weepy apologies.  that’s just how wonderful a father big ernie is!) 

since we were traveling home from an action-packed weekend in atlanta yesterday, i feel there is still much snuggling and pampering and such to be done to make jason’s first father’s day complete.  this is just an excuse to shout from my mountaintop how AWESOME and ATTENTIVE and NURTURING and FUN a dad i think jason is….

and arden most certainly agrees!