i can’t contain my excitement to share photos from our family vacation to the outer banks in north carolina!  but i promised myself i would blog about big events in chronological order, so i must wait.  after all, i still owe an easter post and one about my sister’s graduation from UNC!  so, for now, i will only share this one of our little family’s feet at the shoreline.  photos of feet make me really happy…. perhaps i have a foot-photo-fetish?  ha!  seriously, i am always drawn to taking pictures of feet, especially those of children.  they are just too cute, barefoot or with their teeny little shoes on!  i’ve already decided that my photography business’ website (should i ever find the time to launch it!) will feature a section called something like ‘happy feet.’

what else am i gonna do with all the foot photos clogging up my computer’s memory?!