June 2010

getting close on the long-awaited easter post!


uh oh, lee.  get ready!  your world is about to get a lot more PINK.

i am tired of not being able to run due to this crazy heat.  i am feeling fat and lazy….

….and i think arden is ready for a fun ride.  she keeps asking for ‘bobbob!’

arden loves – no, ADORES – her da-da.  and i do, too, but you wouldn’t know it since i am the laziest wife on earth and didn’t post a thing wishing jason a happy birthday (june 6) or a happy father’s day.  i even neglected to call my own father on father’s day, because that’s just how fried my brain has been lately…. thankfully, he quickly forgave me today, even before i unloaded upon him a pitiful series of weepy apologies.  that’s just how wonderful a father big ernie is!) 

since we were traveling home from an action-packed weekend in atlanta yesterday, i feel there is still much snuggling and pampering and such to be done to make jason’s first father’s day complete.  this is just an excuse to shout from my mountaintop how AWESOME and ATTENTIVE and NURTURING and FUN a dad i think jason is….

and arden most certainly agrees!

we have been so busy around here lately!  and i should actually be working right now, or packing for our trip to atlanta, but NOT blogging…oops!  but i have been feeling guilty that i haven’t posted more about arden’s recent adventures.  and yes, i do still plan to do larger posts dating as far back as easter!  but to assuage my blog-guilt for today, i am posting a few random, recent photos showcasing the daily routine that is arden’s joy-filled life.  everything seems to make my beautiful girl smile.  enjoy!

my sister elise, to whom i sometimes refer as ‘smarty-pants-renaissance-woman elise,’ graduated from UNC at chapel hill on may 8, which was also mother’s day.  i am still preparing a post with fun family photos, but i wanted to go ahead and share some artsy-fartsy shots.  elise asked me to bring my ‘nice’ camera and take photos around campus and during the ceremony.  actually, there were 3 separate graduation-related ceremonies that weekend!  but the main one, which included all graduates, took place at kenan stadium (the football stadium) on a beautiful sunday, and these are some of my favorite shots from that day.  i love how ‘carolina blue’ pervades each photo!

elise, we are all SOOOOOOO proud of you!!!

i love this story!  it reminds me of how, when jason and i first started dating, we discovered that we had both had cats named ‘oreo’ when we were 9!


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