i recently took arden’s 9 month growth photos.  it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get this little wiggle worm to lay on her back with her legs stretched out, showing exactly how much she has grown in the last month.  so, i have accepted that it’s not as important to photograph her in this same position each month as it is to show what she’s capable of and excited about doing at each stage.  now, i try to capture the recent milestones or favorite facial expressions, with ‘bunny friend’ simply leaning on, being held by or just laying in the general vacinity of arden! 

arden found a small twig at the edge of her blanket, and became quite attached to it.  anything on the ground fascinates her these days: grass, sticks, rocks, leaves….luckily she hasn’t come too close to any dog poop in our backyard yet!

in case you wonder why we call arden ‘love monster,’ this next photo says it all.  she has always loved to snuggle and hug, and she is a pro at the open-mouthed kisses.  since she has learned to crawl faster and faster, and since jason has taught her how to ‘wrestle’ (which is basically hugging while rolling around on the floor together), arden now knows how to ‘attack’ from a distance and crawl over to lay a wet one on us when we least expect it….this is usually the highlight of my day!

this face (shown above and below) is jason’s favorite face that arden makes right now.  he says that when he thinks of her throughout the day at work, this is the face he imagines her making.  and it’s the face he looks forward to seeing when he comes home.  she usually delivers!

this is still one of my favorites: the classic ‘arden the maniac’ face!

i adore her variety of facial expressions and her luscious chunks:

at the end of each month’s shoot, i aim for a few detail shots.  depending on her mood (or in other words, how close we are to naptime), i usually get somewhere between 10 and 30 of these shots, and they inevitably end up being some of the best.  lately, my favorites have been the ones that show the beautiful swirl of her thickening hair.

(there’s that stick again, going straight into her mouth.  what a handful!)