i feel lucky that during the start-up phase of my photography business, i have already had the chance to photograph a family, a newborn and a party, and now twins!  emma and olivia just turned one and were a joy to capture, despite the fact that we were battling a chance of rain, a quickly approaching naptime and a bit of teething pain, the last of which is apparent and, i think, adorable in some of these photos.

silly girls, not too shy to show how they’ve recently learned to kiss and blow kisses:

and some oh-so-serious faces as well:

once we were done with the frilly stuff and exploring the garden, it was playtime!

a couple of quick wardrobe changes, and then on to more playing:

emma and olivia were so sweet, exploring and teetering all over their house and yard, getting into everything but not staying in one place for long.  they sure kept me on my toes!  i hope to photograph them again in the future and see them grow more deeply into their own, individual personalities.  maybe next time i’ll be better at telling them apart!

lastly, and not because these are great photos, but because it was just so humorous:  i recently blogged about our beloved sophie the giraffe toy.  she is one of the items i bring to my sessions to entertain children and hold their attention while i capture a few guaranteed smiles.  well, in this case, sophie turned out to be more of a problem than a solution.  let’s just say, i learned a valuable lesson: 

when photographing twins, BRING TWO SOPHIES.