awww yeah, baby.  i’m gettin’ excited for the show tonight!  we haven’t been to a widespread panic show in over a year and a half, and i have to admit: that show was my least favorite in my 15+ years of seeing the band.  and it was even at my favorite venue, mud island.  but i realized afterward that i just psyched myself up about it way too much, listening to widespread for a month straight, all day, every day!  and i unfairly expected the songs to sound like they did 10 years ago.  well, this time, jason and i are heading to music fest for a simple date night, with open minds and empty bellies ready for pronto pups and bud light, to experience the newest widespread sound and to reminisce about jason’s first widespread experience at music fest in 2000. 

this has always been one of my favorite pictures of us, at this momentous widespread show.  it holds an honored place on each of our desks, at the office and at home.  it never ceases to make me feel warm and fuzzy to look at our fresh, young, newly-in-love faces, free of any cares in the world except havin’ a good time.  ah, those were the days….

speaking of widespread 10 years ago, here’s why i fell in love with them in the first place…. i dare you to listen to this and NOT shake your booty like a crazy hippie (or at least tap your foot) with a smile on your face: