foster is what some would call a “spirited” baby.  she stares at you, and then she may stick her tongue out or wink at you, or she may just move right on to the screaming portion of your visit, but you rarely get calm and happy for long!  but this doesn’t make her any less charming or adorable or lovable or snuggly (i could go on….) than any other 6 week old baby.  she was a challenge as my first newborn to photograph (well….professionally, that is), but i had so much fun capturing all of her moods: content and calm, then fidgety and wiggly, then on to the all-out screamfest, and then, due to what seemed to be pure exhaustion, a nice, long and very deep sleep.  who couldn’t love this baby girl?  and with two parents who are both architects, LSU alums, avid crawfish boilers (and head-suckers?) and all-around great people, this gal’s got it made.