this is officially earth week, but we have already been celebrating nature and spring lately by spending loads of time outdoors.  arden’s favorite spot to play by herself is in her playpen set in front of the door, so she can watch passersby and listen to the birds sing:

we’ve also had some super-relaxing days in the garden with good friends, cold drinks and lots of pups:

this past weekend, granddad weeks came to visit, and we finally christened our outdoor table by hosting a family dinner of delicious ribs, a rendezvous-style cheese and sausage plate, bok choy salad and yummy baked macaroni and cheese:

then on sunday, we took arden to her first crawfish boil downtown.  she isn’t old enough to actually eat the crawfish, but we had a fabulous time walking along the river soaking in the sunshine and the world-class people-watching that memphis has to offer….looks like we were being watched as well!

here’s my girl playing with her daddy and maya on the trolley tracks in the rocks….

….which apparently taught her to love all rocks, as we noticed when she tried to eat them again later in the backyard:

so, i distracted her with cheese, which has just recently become one of her favorite foods.  (anyone who knows me, know that this makes mama very happy!)

happy (early) earth day!  get out there and give a small tree a big hug this week!