April 2010

awww yeah, baby.  i’m gettin’ excited for the show tonight!  we haven’t been to a widespread panic show in over a year and a half, and i have to admit: that show was my least favorite in my 15+ years of seeing the band.  and it was even at my favorite venue, mud island.  but i realized afterward that i just psyched myself up about it way too much, listening to widespread for a month straight, all day, every day!  and i unfairly expected the songs to sound like they did 10 years ago.  well, this time, jason and i are heading to music fest for a simple date night, with open minds and empty bellies ready for pronto pups and bud light, to experience the newest widespread sound and to reminisce about jason’s first widespread experience at music fest in 2000. 

this has always been one of my favorite pictures of us, at this momentous widespread show.  it holds an honored place on each of our desks, at the office and at home.  it never ceases to make me feel warm and fuzzy to look at our fresh, young, newly-in-love faces, free of any cares in the world except havin’ a good time.  ah, those were the days….

speaking of widespread 10 years ago, here’s why i fell in love with them in the first place…. i dare you to listen to this and NOT shake your booty like a crazy hippie (or at least tap your foot) with a smile on your face:


this is mostly for jason, while he’s out of town fishing, and we are here sobbing and watching the clock until sunday afternoon arrives.  baby, i hope you have your i-phone in your waders.  XOXO

foster is what some would call a “spirited” baby.  she stares at you, and then she may stick her tongue out or wink at you, or she may just move right on to the screaming portion of your visit, but you rarely get calm and happy for long!  but this doesn’t make her any less charming or adorable or lovable or snuggly (i could go on….) than any other 6 week old baby.  she was a challenge as my first newborn to photograph (well….professionally, that is), but i had so much fun capturing all of her moods: content and calm, then fidgety and wiggly, then on to the all-out screamfest, and then, due to what seemed to be pure exhaustion, a nice, long and very deep sleep.  who couldn’t love this baby girl?  and with two parents who are both architects, LSU alums, avid crawfish boilers (and head-suckers?) and all-around great people, this gal’s got it made.

this is officially earth week, but we have already been celebrating nature and spring lately by spending loads of time outdoors.  arden’s favorite spot to play by herself is in her playpen set in front of the door, so she can watch passersby and listen to the birds sing:

we’ve also had some super-relaxing days in the garden with good friends, cold drinks and lots of pups:

this past weekend, granddad weeks came to visit, and we finally christened our outdoor table by hosting a family dinner of delicious ribs, a rendezvous-style cheese and sausage plate, bok choy salad and yummy baked macaroni and cheese:

then on sunday, we took arden to her first crawfish boil downtown.  she isn’t old enough to actually eat the crawfish, but we had a fabulous time walking along the river soaking in the sunshine and the world-class people-watching that memphis has to offer….looks like we were being watched as well!

here’s my girl playing with her daddy and maya on the trolley tracks in the rocks….

….which apparently taught her to love all rocks, as we noticed when she tried to eat them again later in the backyard:

so, i distracted her with cheese, which has just recently become one of her favorite foods.  (anyone who knows me, know that this makes mama very happy!)

happy (early) earth day!  get out there and give a small tree a big hug this week!

i find myself giddy today, because i found out last night that my little sister, elise, is returning to memphis for grad school in speech pathology for the next 2 years!  elise, i know this was a grueling decision, and sometimes it seems there are more cons than pros to moving back to memphis.  but i truly believe that in the long run, you will be glad to have these extra years in your hometown, with family, old friends and most of all, your awesome big/middle sister to entertain you…and…maybe use you for some free babysitting!  LOVE YOU!

last saturday, i had the pleasure of photographing my cousin’s 4 1/2-month-old baby girl, ari.  she was extremely calm the entire time, despite skipping her morning nap, warm temperatures, multiple wardrobe changes and being forced to lay her naked, chunky body in the grass!  i couldn’t have asked for a better set-up: beautiful spring sunshine, beautiful flowers, beautiful baby, beautiful family….beautiful shoot!

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