in light of the enormous amount of stress i have felt this week (and really it’s no more stress than usual, but probably has something to do with aunt flo making a surprise visit monday morning, for the first time in 17 months….sorry if that’s too much information for anyone!), i thought i’d share this quote from another blog i read regularly,

“Did you have a nice week? Was it a productive one or do you feel a bit behind? Let’s make a deal. Whether you had a good week or a not-so-good one let’s agree to make this weekend great, okay? Find some time to play with your children, mend a hem, watch a film, paint something pretty, doodle in your journal… but let’s all carve out some time to give something back to ourselves and to be kind and caring to those we love, maybe even a little extra.”

i need reminders every now and then, to carve time in my schedule to “be kind and caring” to myself and others….sad, but true.  i’m gonna try better today, and every day forward.  i guess i can thank the arrival of spring and the anticipation of the easter holiday for the motivation to be ‘reborn’ in my attitude and actions towards others.  and i guess i can thank my sore throat and oncoming cold that my husband and baby seemed to have passed along to me to remind me to be kinder to myself.  (i can’t really complain about the cold, cuz i know i got it from all that face-to-face snuggling and smooching that arden and i have done all week, so it was well-worth the sacrifice.)  all that being said, i hope you have a happy weekend!  i am going to take a nap.