i remember your mama telling me you had been created, only 7 weeks old in her tiny belly.  i remember her sitting on a blanket eating nachos – and a hot dog – and some popcorn – and maybe some peanuts too? – at the dave matthews concert that night, while we giddily danced around her.  i remember your aunt meredith telling me you were on your way into the world, and wishing i could take away your mama’s pain, but knowing it would be worth it.  i remember feeling my own daughter kicking inside my belly the day you were born, and thinking that had to mean something.  i remember holding you for the first time, and feeling your breath on my skin as you nuzzled into my chest and neck.  i remember falling in love with you that day, and knowing i would love you every day forward.  who would have thought when i met your mama in 7th grade homeroom, that we two brace-faced 11-year-olds would grow up to feel like sisters, and get to experience the joys of becoming mothers in the same year, with 2 precious little girls? life sure is awesome sometimes….


as your mama and i used to tell each other years ago: