today is the 22nd birthday of my little sister, elise (a.k.a. lil’ sista-a.k.a. aunt lisie-a.k.a. tante elise-a.k.a. elsie boaz), world traveler, smarty-pants, fellow cheese lover, late sleeper, big dreamer and the wittiest person i know.  22!!!  this….makes me feel old.  but as i always tell elise: no matter how old we get, she’ll always be 9 years younger, so she must promise to help me stay at least 9 years younger at heart.

a few weeks ago at the children’s museum, with my entire immediate family except elise (sniff, sniff), we decided to record this very exciting video as a tribute to elise and how much we missed her that day.  elise, you know why.