i was searching for my trusty ole’ wick fowler’s chili mix the other day, and i happened upon this package.  sure, to most of you, this is just another chili mix.  but it jumped out at me because my good friend’s name is on the package!  carol shelby edwards clark, that is.  (she has 4 names, because, like me, she has always been called her middle name and didn’t feel like going to court to fork over a couple hundred bucks and delete that first name when she got married….and so the first names continue to haunt us both.)  she may not even realize that her name (sort of) is floating around supermarket shelves with the words “fix it hot or mild” underneath!

way back over the christmas holidays (is it really march already???), we got together while shelby was in town, and arden bonded with her daughter, bonnie.  bonnie was born just a mere 2 months before arden, but wow- what a difference 2 months can make!  bonnie was wiggling and giggling all over the place.  now, arden has reached that stage too, but at the time, she was much less mobile, and simple sat and stared at bonnie as she bounced around the room.  bonnie showed arden some fancy rolling tricks, and arden practiced sitting up in bonnie’s bumbo seat.  a good time was had by all!

such big girls….and both so beautiful already.  i miss shelby and her family dearly when they are not home in memphis, so we look forward to seeing them in a couple of weeks!!!