it couldn’t have been more perfect that valentine’s day landed on a chilly sunday this year.  we spent the day in our pajamas snuggling, giggling, playing, kissing each other’s neck meat and just being plain old L-A-Z-Y.  since then, arden has become even more aggressive in her hugs and open-mouthed kisses on our cheeks, so i fear we’ve created a little LOVE MONSTER.  but this little love monster sure is sweet!

when i was a child, valentine’s day fun began early at the kitchen table, where our plates would be overturned with cards and candy hiding underneath.  i recently asked my mom what gave her the idea for this tradition, and she said “because my mom did it for us!” 

and so the tradition lives on….

arden’s ‘happies’ for her first valentine’s day did not include candy, but there was a card, some new books and a handmade toy (almost finished!) from mama and daddy, big-girl dishware that nonna gave us at a baby shower and a funny toy and shiny balloon from grandmommy.  but the best gift of all was that nonna and grandmommy came to visit for the weekend, and we all had a ball!

as usual, everything went straight into arden’s mouth:

of course, this is all she really wanted:  BREAKFAST!

since valentine’s day, arden has fallen in love (yep, pun intended) with a toy that grandmommy brought her, whom we call ‘sugar bear.’  he encourages her to exercise her lovely singing voice, and he is teaching her to dance!