there are so many things i should be doing right now: working, cleaning, shaving my legs, backing up the laptop, working out, sleeping….especially sleeping, since insomnia attacked at 5 a.m. and these 3 LARGE cups of coffee haven’t helped wake me up one bit! 

but since it’s already past valentine’s day, and i am getting more and more behind every day with this blog (sorry!), i decided to post some christmas memories while listening to tiger woods’ statement live on, like, every channel.  ah, just one more reason (among many) that i am glad we didn’t name our first-born tiger….or tigress. 

our christmas was spent in atlanta this year.  jason and i had so much fun conspiring with grandmommy to pull off a big surprise for jason’s mom (marilee/nonna).  grandmommy took the red-eye train from centralia to memphis, jason picked her up around 6:30 a.m. and then we immediately headed to atlanta.  ALL of us, in one crowded truck: 3 adults, 2 dogs, 1 baby and lots of baggage!  it was so much fun, though, and totally worth it to see the look on nonna’s face when we arrived and she saw her mom holding her grandbaby.  needless to say, there were tears involved! 

arden was showered with gifts from santa (because she was a perfect little girl last year) and the family.  i realize that the whole gift-giving and opening was more for us than for her, but she looked like she was having fun surrounded by all her stocking stuffers on christmas morning.  she even tried to steal one of her uncle jonathan’s gifts (see below)! 

we did alot of relaxing, ate tons of yummy food and made lots of great memories with the entire family….and also with marilee’s friend kim, who gave arden her very first board game, candyland.  jason and i will always remember this as the trip when arden starting sleeping through the night.  she was already making it through the night without eating, but during our stay in atlanta, we suddenly stopped having to wake up once or twice a night for pacifier resets.  a christmas miracle! 


back in memphis, we had another christmas celebration with my family.  well, almost the whole family.  my nephew, lee, just about cut his pinky finger off the day before they were scheduled to visit.  so the hardmans ended up taking a fun ambulance ride to the hospital for surgery instead of a road trip to memphis!  (his finger is okay now, although it remains to be seen if the pinky nail will grow back….EEK.) 

arden was, once again, showered with gifts.  every gift was ogled for a second, and then went POP! straight into her mouth.  we all had fun watching her take in the sights and sounds (and tastes) of the holidays.  



nonna giving arden her first truly solid food....she LOVED chomping on apple slices!

lee with his poor, wrapped-up hand