jason had the genius idea to buy a jumper for arden after the holidays.  high-pitched squealing had become her favorite new ‘trick’ and it was obvious she was ready for a deeper level of entertainment.

THEN alison and michael brought us mae’s ‘jump-a-roo’ to borrow, and it was a whole new can of worms.  she didn’t quite get it at first, but she enjoyed sucking on the plastic veges and hanging out.

NOW, however, arden has it down.  she is a pro.  when she really gets jumping, we say she’s riverdancing.  her feet are hilarious to watch bouncing all over the de kooning book on the floor below her.  (she doesn’t need to know it is full of nude sketches!)  this wonderful contraption has occupied her for nice, long stretches during which i can get dinner ready without the bloody-murder-screaming accompaniment.  aaahhhh….  i love it.  she loves it.  and jason loves to dance to its music, which i have seen him do many times when he doesn’t know i’m looking.  XOXO