they say that a few spurts of playing alone each day are good for an infant’s development and independence.  i have to admit that it’s hard for me to leave arden alone to play without feeling a tad bit guilty.  but i try, because i know it’s good for her, she enjoys it, and….well….let’s just say i think i’m beginning to hear the piles of laundry and loose papers and christmas decorations that have exploded all over my house whispering to me in the night, BEGGING to be put away!

so, arden was having some necessary ‘alone time’ in her exersaucer the other day, which basically meant that while she played, i checked email across the room where she couldn’t see me.  things got eerily quiet after a minute, and i wondered what she was doing.  so i crept around the couch corner to find her arching her back and looking for me.  she wasn’t upset, but was obviously wondering why i wasn’t hovering over her chatting or taking pictures.  she immediately gave me a big smile and then went back to playing, but i had to interrupt her a couple times to snap this photo.  i love that she apparently loves playing with me as much as i enjoy her each and every day.  

(pardon the un-lady-like showing of doggie behind in the foreground….darla has a knack for ruining photos at the last second!)