it’s only the 7th day of the new year, and we memphians actually saw some snow today.  yes, SNOW.  and it STUCK.  i tend to get very excited when it snows, because it could very well be the ONLY day it snows all year long!  jason (who spent childhood years in places like syracuse and kansas city, and thinks snow is no big deal) thinks i’m crazy because i quickly put on boots and run outside to stomp around in the delicious crunchiness, and then i grab my camera and force the dogs outside for their annual snowy photo shoot, when all they want to do is ‘their business’ and then dart back inside.  and then i obnoxiously chatter all day long about how we should be drinking hot chocolate, and how i wish our fireplace was functioning, and how the snow is melting too fast, and oh, gosh, PLEASE DON’T DRIVE ANYWHERE! cuz we may skid on the barely wet street and have a fatal car crash!  (ok, that part of my anxiety is somewhat warranted, because i woke up very early one snowy morning many, many years ago to bid my friend, alison, farewell on her way to lake tahoe, only to slide across a street on my way home- while making a 10 mph turn- and slam into a curb, costing me a couple hundred bucks to get my tire fixed…. so needless to say, i avoid driving in the snow!) 

i was super excited to wake up this morning and notice an unusual brightness peering through the blinds.  it did, in fact, snow, and it is, in fact, quite chilly outside.  tomorrow the high is 18.  the HIGH.  and the low tomorrow night is 8.  that’s not a typo…. EIGHT.  i knew i had to share the snow with arden today because tomorrow i’ll be inside with two pairs of socks on, drinking hot chocolate.  (yes, fellow P90X’ers, that’s what i said….YUMMY, YUMMY HOT CHOCOLATE!)  arden was so cute all bundled up and just plain confused about the way the world looked.  then our friend, erin, dropped by with a surprise belated christmas present for arden, so our 15 minutes outside today became even more memorable.  i can’t wait until arden is old enough to sled and have snowball fights and make snow angels, but for today, sitting and looking around was fun enough for her.  i got some great shots, so here they are!