H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !   i have a strong feeling that 2010 will be an awesome year, if not for the economy and real estate market, then at least for making memories with family and strengthening friendships old and new!

i didn’t get around to posting anything to officially ring in the new year in the blogosphere, so today, i thought i’d share some of arden’s funniest moments showing off her new accomplishments in the last month of her birth year, 2009.

enjoying her first round with a frozen teether, after a fussy day of pain:

face-planting while practicing sitting up on her own….she seems to understand the “if you fall, get up and try again” mentality:

blowing bubbles and sucking on big toes after a relaxing, yet stimulating, bathtime experience:

working out hard during tummy time, complete with adorable panting and grunting:

and lastly, showing off her most newly discovered sound, squealing (not screaming or laughing or talking, but full-on SQUEALING!) with aunt mena at christmastime: