anyone who knows me knows that i love me some board games!  (unfortunately, that doesn’t mean my friends will PLAY them with me, but luckily, i scored a husband who shares the love for good old-fashioned family game time with me….one of the many reasons i love you, honey.)  a few weeks ago, arden and i had a girls’ day with my friend, annette, and her two daughters, micah and alana.  (thank you, annette, for encouraging me to be a crafty mom….i’ll let you know when i finish that ornament for arden’s first christmas….hopefully before christmas next week!)  imagine the joy that overcame me when i walked into annette’s house and saw this AWESOME game cabinet in her den (modeled here by the beautiful alana).  i want one!  i am already trying to think of ways to start a weekly game night with an infant.  who cares if she doesn’t understand games yet….it’s all about starting family traditions, right?