it is SOOOO cold in memphis today.  usually i get really excited about winter’s arrival, and i spend every single day of winter hoping for just one day of snow.  (and that’s usually all we get!)  but this week, i was very lazy and stayed indoors, due to cold temperatures and heavy rain.  but i got lots of (internet) christmas shopping done AND holiday cards mailed on time (meaning BEFORE the holidays!), thanks to jason’s incredible help with card-assembling this morning.    

all this dreary weather made me miss the gardening season, or rather realize that i pretty much missed the gardening season!  i barely did any work in the yard this fall, but i did manage to take arden out one day and move some calla lilies that had become overcrowded from our front yard to the back.  heck, if everyone is going to call her nature-themed nursery ‘arden’s garden,’ then i feel obligated to do some gardening in the yard that her nusery overlooks!  arden seemed to enjoy her first gardening experience, although for her it mostly meant sitting in a vibrating chair while the dogs ran circles around her and i sang and grunted and moaned and heaved buckets of dirt and became covered with it!  for me, the work was much more enjoyable than usual, because i had my daughter to keep me company, and i dreamed alot about the day when she will be big enough to help me dig and plant and watch beautiful things grow.  

this is the song i sang to arden while i worked:

dan west nursery told me to move the lilies once they wilt...ya think this is wilted enough?!?

mr. gnome marks the spot so i won't forget where the bulbs were replanted!

not so sure the stems were supposed to break off the bulbs like this…woops.


my very scientific way of tracking the bulbs i dug up


thanks to a short video found online, i learned how to store extra bulbs for next spring!

if anyone has any tips for moving, planting or storing calla lilies or other bulbs, please feel free to share….i still have A LOT to learn about maintaining our garden!