marilee (aka jason’s mom, aka arden’s nonna) apparently got a little carried away at a second-hand children’s store the other day, and we are expecting a BOX of clothes to arrive next week.  thanks, nonna!  i am definitely not complaining, but geez-louise, arden has more wardrobe choices on a daily basis than i will have all winter season long!  but i guess when you puke on yourself for 20 minutes after every meal, you gotta have some wardrobe changes….

so when nonna emailed me the other day and excitedly mentioned doing her “baby laundry,” i remembered these photos i took of arden about a month ago.  for the first time in my life, i actually look forward to laundry day.  i honestly enjoy washing and drying and folding and hanging all these little clothes and burb cloths and blankets….but it’s hard not to, when you have an adorable baby who will lay in the middle of the bed and play quietly while you fold the laundry in a circle around her.

i mean, seriously….is anything cuter than a baby surrounded by all her little clothes?!?