as thanksgiving approached, i realized how much catching up i had to do on the blog, since i hadn’t even posted pictures from halloween yet!  we decided not to buy (or spend the time making) an official costume for arden this year, since she is so little and won’t likely enjoy or remember anything about this holiday.  but then after i dressed her in all things orange and halloween-y that day, i discovered that by adding a simple off-white cap that she wore as a newborn, she looked quite alot like a CANDY CORN….so this outfit became her unofficial halloween costume for 2009! 


arden did enjoy helping me pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  each time the door opened, jason would remind me, “be sure to keep some candy for us. twix are my favorite!”  i was doing a great job of being just the right amount of candy-greedy for a while, until one final influx of kids came to the door….then all i could say was, “OOPS.”  at least i saved one twix for each of us.  good thing arden doesn’t have teeth yet!