November 2009

as thanksgiving approached, i realized how much catching up i had to do on the blog, since i hadn’t even posted pictures from halloween yet!  we decided not to buy (or spend the time making) an official costume for arden this year, since she is so little and won’t likely enjoy or remember anything about this holiday.  but then after i dressed her in all things orange and halloween-y that day, i discovered that by adding a simple off-white cap that she wore as a newborn, she looked quite alot like a CANDY CORN….so this outfit became her unofficial halloween costume for 2009! 


arden did enjoy helping me pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  each time the door opened, jason would remind me, “be sure to keep some candy for us. twix are my favorite!”  i was doing a great job of being just the right amount of candy-greedy for a while, until one final influx of kids came to the door….then all i could say was, “OOPS.”  at least i saved one twix for each of us.  good thing arden doesn’t have teeth yet!



we can’t believe ‘our first baby’ is 5 years old today.  she sure did turn our lives upside down when she was a puppy, but it was all worth it.  dearest darla, even if you do like to lick EVERYTHING in sight, all the time, day and night, without a break…UGH…we still love you and your beautiful googly eyes!

i know what i am thankful for this year! 

and….i’ve been singing this song all day:


we’re backin’ it up again today to show a video from mid-october, when arden was first discovering her hands and feet.  she would spend hours staring at her hands and making graceful movements out in front of her face.  (i say she was starting her finger exercises early for future piano-playing!)  this was actually the first time she ever saw her feet, and i just happened to be recording when she took notice.  now, she has full hand-to-mouth control and immediately chews on anything you give her, so i miss the moments when i would catch her lovingly staring at her hands and then slowly bringing them to her slobbery mouth to suck on her fingers!

we’re backing up a bit today, to show you a video from several weeks back, on oct. 28:  i captured one of arden’s infamous milk comas on camera.  the milk comas started when she was a newborn and continue to occur quite often as she’s wrapping up a meal.  she falls into a deep state of relaxation for about 5-10 minutes, and then BAM- she’s awake again!  but for those few moments, she’s in la-la-land, dreaming of floating along dairy rivers amongst creamy, white landscapes with milk raining from the sky (i presume).

it’s funny that once this video is finished playing, you can connect to and watch tons and tons of other babies in their milk comas on you tube…it’s obviously a favorite state for newborns! 

here are some milk coma photos from a week later on november 6:

november 22 is a very special day in our book.  5 YEARS AGO on this day, we became engaged on the beach in oregon, as the sun set over the pacific.  it was the high point of a magical day we had spent roaming the willamette valley, tasting wines and discovering our mutual love for pinot noir and hazelnuts.  i am sure the engagement would have been just as magical had i not, just moments before the ‘bling’ was unveiled, uttered the words, “i really have to pee….do you think i could pee on these rocks?”  ah, leave it to me to ruin the moment with something completely UN-ladylike.  but it was still one of the most memorable and life-changing moments of our lives, and each year on this day, i am reminded of how much fun we had on our trip to portland, and of how lucky i am to be married to this man…

then just 1 YEAR AGO on november 22, we found out i was pregnant with our first child, after months of trying.  the timing seemed like it was just meant to be.  and what a long way we’ve come in just a year!  i love you, honey.  you have made me very happy….  


arden just had her first laugh about a week ago, and then last night, she rolled over for the first time!  she’s growing up so fast.  jason and i really need to get the childproofing started soon!  here’s a video of the 3rd roll, which was the 1st one that i caught completely on video from beginning to end.

she is practicing her rolling while i type this as well, and becoming quite the pro!  now, if only we can get the immediate spitting-up to stop each time she does it….

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