it is a very rainy morning in memphis.  and i thought the weather guys said it was supposed to be a beautiful partly-cloudy day with a high of 72!  but that’s ok.  i don’t mind the rain so much now that i don’t have to rush thru traffic in it to get to work, but it was especially difficult to get out of bed this morning.  with our new blinds, the bedroom is now a nice and cozy dungeon when it’s raining.  so i was snoozing a bit while jason woke up arden, and when he brought her into the bedroom, i could sense in the dim light her confusion from hearing my voice, but not seeing me.  nothing has ever inspired me to get out of bed so fast at 8 a.m. like a very hungry baby!

this all reminded me of how sleepy arden was during her first month on earth. until she was about a month old, the most exhausting aspect of my day was having to wake her up to eat every three hours.  yes, I had to wake HER up!  (i know many people say, “NEVER wake a sleeping baby.”  but i swear if i didn’t wake her, she would never eat!)  even after finally waking to eat, she then mastered the ‘milk coma’  which  made playtime after a meal a little difficult to accomplish.  ah, to be able to sleep that deeply now….

here are a couple of those sleepy moments with arden.  whether your day is turning out to be rainy like mine, or sunny and warm, or cold and snowy, i hope these vidoes inspire you to ‘snooze’ for a moment or two and enjoy life’s little pleasures today.