you may have seen this photo of arden.  you may have even received it in baby-announcement format in the mail.  i adore this photo because it showcases what i believe were arden’s best newborn features: her huge, round cheeks; her squooshy little arms; her fat wrists next to her wrinkly hands; the dark hair on her head and the long hair that hung over her ears….not to mention her beautiful face.  but achieving this photo was no easy feat!  my first official ‘photo shoot’ of arden took a good dose of patience on my part, and quite a bit of tolerance on hers.  so here, i’d like to share some of the not-so-perfect (and, i think, quite humorous) photos we sifted thru to get the winner above:

what a good girl.  she was so patient with me while i snapped a couple HUNDRED pictures that day!

thank you, dear arden, for inspiring me every day with your stunning beauty and your sweet smile…. 

mama loves you.