i obviously gave up on this blog a long time ago.  it was great when arden was a baby to document her first years and have a creative outlet to stay in touch with the world while i was mostly at home 24/7.  but now, life/work/school/parenting/social calendars/running 2 businesses is just too hectic to include blogging on my ‘to do’ list.  but i had to post this photo of arden at her ballet class a couple of weeks ago.  it was parent observation day, and i was probably the most nervous parent in there.  after a first failed attempt at ballet last spring, and then a hesitant re-start this fall, i was worried arden would simply freeze and sit in the corner sulking the whole time.  but to my surprise, she happily participated in every single minute, and most surprisingly, seemed to love that her cheering section (jason and me and my parents) were STARING at her from only about 15 feet away!  she even did the classic, sweet wave that kids do to their parents in the audience, and it just made me the proudest mama.  so, it looks like ballet is here to stay….for now, at least!



why do i NEVER post on this blog anymore?  because life is so cray, cray (for you who don’t know memphis slang, that’s ‘crazy’) that i simply do NOT have time these days.  but hopefully, very soon, i will be rolling out some new marketing projects for my photography biz, and maybe….just maybe….i’ll make some time to post some personal/arden stuff on this here blog too.  please bear with me.  and in the meantime, have a laugh at this video that completely reflects our life in this household, even though we only have one kid so far!


one of the highlights of the last 2 1/2 years (arden’s life) for me has got to be something that happened this week.  i was putting arden down for her nap, and she suddenly (and sternly) told me, “no, mom. stop singing.”  then she grabbed her toy microphone and proceeded to sing the entire chorus of “leaving on a jet plane” all by herself, in the sweetest tone you could imagine.  i seriously almost shed a tear!  apparently, her early childhood musical education is up to par, exactly where i wanted it to be at this age!  now i am showing her who john denver is….and mama cass….and how to safely eat a ham sandwich without choking….

(i will try to get a video of arden singing to update to this post later….but it may be tough. because while performing is one of her favorite things to do, performing for the camera  is not.)

princess ardenia is the #1 subject of bedtime stories at our house right now.  she is a young, loving and humble princess who loves to walk through the forest and play along winding streams.  her best friends are a cat named ‘kitty coyote’ (thanks to nonna for that name!) and a puppy friend she calls ‘pinky.’  she also has the special ability to converse with the bunnies who live around her castle.  often, she spends her adventures helping a bunny through some type of difficulty, as she is a very nurturing soul.

this past weekend, we told stories about ardenia making the big move from her crib to a ‘real’ bed.  as you can see, the stories mimic what is happening in our little princess’ life.  arden is a very proud princess indeed:

what’s the best cure for spring fever?  an afternoon at the park with fro-yo and my two sweeties.



ah….young love.  these two cuties are much younger than i, and although i have been married for over 6 years, their love and affection for each other inspires me.  i simply cannot wait to capture their big day in just a couple of months!